WAVE 3 News Editorial - February 16, 2017: Fake News

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There's been a lot of talk lately about so-called "fake news." The moniker is new. We used to call it tabloid.

Outrageous claims, outright lies - readily available on the shelves of supermarkets. Most people knew what they were reading was fabricated. Responsible readers certainly wouldn't pass it along as fact since they considered the source.

Today, social media users pass along lies without even knowing the source. We all need to stop it. By continuing, we bear responsibility for blurring the lines between fact and fantasy, between truth and distortion.

If we don't know the sources and they haven't earned our trust, we shouldn't share it.

Facebook followers deserve the truth. There are hundreds of local media outlets across the country, including several here in Louisville, with a long-standing commitment to verifying facts before reporting them. It is our responsibility to spend the time and resources to make every effort to report accurately and fairly.

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