Pass the Cash: Father, son both battling cancer

PENDLETON, KY (WAVE) - We headed to Pendleton, Kentucky to Pass the Cash. But our plans changed pretty quickly, much like the life of David Littrell's friend Dave.

"Dave about a year ago was diagnosed with esophageal cancer stage 4 inoperable," David said.

Just a couple of weeks ago after a few new symptoms, "They have found five more spots on his brain as well as five more spots on his abdomen," David said.

Dave's cancer was spreading. If that weren't enough, "His son is undergoing chemo therapy over the last 2 years," David said.

The father who was once doing all he could to fight for his son's life is now fighting for his own life while also still fighting to care for his family. To help WAVE 3 News started with $300.

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"I went to a friend's church, Corner of Hope, and they gave me an extra $100 for this week," I told David.

We were meeting Dave at his home in Pendleton, but his first chemo treatment was a lot longer and harder than he'd imagined. The rules state David has one hour to Pass the Cash so we hoped back in the car to head back to Louisville and to James Graham Brown Cancer Center. David saw Dave immediately, but he waited for us to get out of the car and get cameras ready before he passed the cash.

"I reached out to Dawne Gee and WAVE 3 to Pass the Cash. She reached out to me and we have  gift we'd like to pass forward to you," he said.

"Thank you so very much," Dave said. "I'm exhausted."

Exhausted, but not giving up.

"Almost 2 1/2 years ago our son was diagnosed with Leukemia," Dave said. "Now I'm sick so."

Dave pointed out even with the bitter in life there is still the sweet.

"He got his drivers license today," Dave said of his son.

Chemo will be over for Dave's son in October. His daughter is just a few credit hours away from graduating from college and plans to get married this fall.

"God has put us where we need to be both with our son and Dave. He's given us the best doctors in the world," Dave's wife said.

The best doctors, the best family and friends and the best attitude. When doctors told Dave to get ready to lose all his hair his answer was, "Get me a couple of tabagons."

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Dave and his family. For more information, click here.

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