Suspect in $6 million drug bust out on bond

Suspect in $6 million drug bust out on bond

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Police in Clarksville call it a multi-million-dollar pot bust but one of the defendant's attorney says his client is guilty of only one thing, living the American Dream the right way.

Darren Ngo was in court for a hearing on Monday. He is out of jail on a $700-dollar bond.

The only evidence is less than 10 pounds of marijuana taken from Louisville homes with no ties to his client's family Attorney Larry Wilder said. Wilder alleged police wrongfully seized belongings obtained legally.

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"They are wedding gifts from Vietnam. They're children's items that they took. And they are being put in a position where they have to prove once again that the things that they have are the result of hard work." Larry Wilder said.

Police claimed they tracked packages shipped to Indiana hotels from a drug ring in California.

Wilder said they will work to get evidence and confidential informant information released and take the case to trial.

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