Isaac Mingo & The Night Birds release 3 new EPs

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Playing in front of packed music venues is enough to make anyone nervous. But for one Louisville musician, it goes much further than butterflies in the stomach.

Isaac Mingo rocked stages for years before taking a hiatus when he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder.

"It makes it hard to do the things that you love to do," Mingo told Dawne Gee during an interview on Sounds of the City. "For me, it took three years for me to get back to a place here I could sing along with songs in the car on the radio."

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At the height of his struggle, Isaac sold all of his music gear and even his record collection because the items triggered panic attacks.

It took about three years for Mingo to overcome the severity of this anxiety, and now he's back in the studio and performing live again.

>> VIDEO: Isaac Mingo performs on Sounds of the City

Isaac Mingo & The Night Birds have released a new project called Revisited, which consists of three EPs. It is available now on the band's website.

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