WAVE 3 News Editorial – March 16, 2017: Neighborhood schools

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - After weeks of public debate, the Kentucky Legislature did not pass the so-called "neighborhood schools" bill.

Supporters claimed it would end cross-county busing of students in Louisville, while opponents said it would segregate schools and take away local authority.

The Republican majority recognized not everyone shared their viewpoint.

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Jefferson County Public School leaders surely recognize not everyone shares their views either. Even the district's most ardent supporters acknowledge the current student assignment plan needs changes. The school system now has a chance to make those changes the right way. Don't miss this chance. Find ways to reduce travel times and increase opportunities for parental involvement – while maintaining racial diversity and school choice.

Aggressively address resource allocation and long-neglected capital planning. Make sure every part of the community has first-rate teachers and facilities.

It won't be easy to meet all of these challenges, but with local stakeholders working with local leadership to address local concerns, Louisville is up to the challenge.

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