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Princeton Water Department works to fix leaks


When Princeton Mayor Brad Schmitt took office last year, he decided it was time to fix town's water loss problem.

"He brought me on board due to the water lossage, he wanted me to look into it, find out what we could do, what it's going to take to manage it and get some type of a plan for repairs in the future," said Water Superintendent, Jeff Smith. 

Princeton was losing 45 percent of its water before Schmitt took office. In eight months, his administration has reduced the loss by 20 percent. 

"We have a lot of them that are called in and reported but then we also have some reports that show we have hydrants leaking and water leaks throughout the system, we basically know where they're at but it's about finding the time," added Smith.

Smith says most leaks are easy to find, but some are hidden on the surface. To help with this, the water department invested $100,000 into a new device that will go into sewer lines and storm drains to find the source of hidden water leaks.

The waste water treatment plant is also due for an upgrade this year to stay in compliance. The last upgrade was over 20 years ago and Smith says systems should be replaced ever 15 years.

"We are at the end of the line on our sewer plant," said Street and Sewer Superintendent Elpers. 

Engineers will be coming the first part of April to see how much that update is going to cost. Elpers says this costly upgrade will not raise rates.

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