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WAVE 3 News Editorial - April 20, 2017: Dr. Donna Hargens Imprint on JCPS

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)  - From day one of her six-year tenure as Superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools, Dr. Donna Hargens made it clear her efforts and focus would be on the students – how to align resources to best serve them.

Students don’t necessarily have as much clout as adults in various education support roles, and consequently the Superintendent will be leaving JCPS at the end of the school year.

Her work on behalf of students will be long lasting. It wasn’t perfect, but many metrics indicate tremendous progress. The best may be yet to come when the Ford Next Generation Learning rollout is fully implemented, and the eight percent more of African-American kindergarteners who began this year kindergarten ready find their education path more meaningful as a result.

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Students at Fern Creek, Valley and Waggener High Schools welcome no longer being priority status schools. Twice as many JCPS students began their college career better prepared than when Superintendent Hargens took office, thanks in part to a large increase in the number of Advanced Placement tests taken and passed. That led to eight percent more students being more proficient and distinguished in reading and math, and students graduating from high school increased four percent, with 11 schools exceeding the state average in graduation rate.

Many more challenges remain to make sure all JCPS students achieve their goals and aspirations and the next superintendent will certainly inherit many headaches. But he or she will benefit greatly from many of the improvements made the past several years and the groundwork laid with painstaking persistence that will bear fruit for years to come.

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