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Evansville woman and unborn baby killed in TN


"Allie--she could make you smile. It didn't matter what kind of mood she was in, she could make you happy."

Jordan Cosby says her friend Allie, would do anything to make someone happy--recently, sharing her excitement as a mother-to-be with her long-time friend.

"She'd send me pictures, weekly. of her stomach and how it was growing. How excited she was our sons would grow up together."

Recently, Allison moved back to Evansville for a fresh start. To be closer to friends and family. Jordan tells me she dated 21-year-old Quentin Bird for a year.

"They seemed happy so I let her be," says Cosby.

Police found Allison's body in Bird's apartment early Wednesday morning- investigators said there were signs of a struggle.

Jordan told us Allison went there to bring home her belongings.

Later that day, tips led KSP and US Marshals an hour north to Kuttawa, Kentucky, where they say they found Bird who broke into a home.
He was arrested and will be extradited to Clarksville, TN for formal charges.

Jordan said Allison and Quentin occasionally argued but she never heard of anything that'd point to what happened this week.

"If you have to deal with this, get out. Get out of the relationship. It's not worth it. Especially if kids are involved. It's not worth it at all."

Police hope to get answers from Bird once he's brought back. He could face additional charges.

According to her obituary on Browning Funeral Home's website, Allison's unborn son, Parker Jaxson, also died. 

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