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Jeffersontown woman asking for help after late daughter's belongings stolen

Sharonda Johnson (Source: WAVE 3 News) Sharonda Johnson (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A woman in Jeffersontown is asking for help locating some belongings of deep personal value. Items were stolen from her that have little monetary value, but great sentimental value, as the items belonged to her late daughter.

“I was at a loss for words," Sharonda Johnson said. "I cried, because that was a really important item to me and I just feel like everything that had to do with Macaria is gone from me.”

On Easter Sunday, Johnson's truck was parked off Michael Edward Drive on Cynthia Drive, while visiting a friend in Jeffersontown.

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She is in the process of moving and the memory box representing her daughter Macaria, who was stillborn, was inside the truck. Sometime during her visit, the memory box was stolen out of the truck.

“When I think of her, when it is her birthday, or her original due date, I would go to the box smell the blanket,” Johnson said.

Johnson says she is desperate and has searched several dumpsters in the area, but without any luck she is turning to the public for help.

“I hope someone still has the box," Johnson said. "That someone has seen the box or knows something. I just want the belongings back.”

Without any pictures of the memory box, Sharonda can only describe it by saying it is bigger than a shoe box.

“It's turquoise and white with fuchsia designs on it, with an opening flap on the side,” Johnson said.

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The items Sharonda is looking for include a teddy bear, baby blanket, birthday cards and cremation certificate. They have little monetary value to anyone else.

“But to me that was everything," Johnson said. "Everything that was in that box was everything that I had that belonged to her.”

If you have any information on the missing items, you can contact Sharonda Johnson by email

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