WAVE 3 News Editorial - April 25, 2017: Dependency

WAVE 3 News Editorial - April 25, 2017: Dependency

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Being dependent is not necessarily a good thing.

The backdrop for Kentucky legislators as they prepare for a potential special session later this year on tax reform screams dependency.

Kentucky is more dependent on federal funding than any other state in the country.

That aid is welcome, but likely not sustainable - especially since the dependency also comes from Commonwealth residents, who get much more from the government than they give.

The need for public investment to build communities in the Commonwealth continues to grow disproportionately to the tax dollars available to fund it.

A tax plan that raises more revenue is needed – just to meet our obligations to the pensions of teachers and state employees. We certainly also want to improve our economy, infrastructure, and general well-being. Continuing to cut education funding doesn't help us grow, and health care costs keep growing.

Tough decisions loom. Strong leadership will be the only way to gain back some independence.

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