Community shows mixed emotions about Pegasus Parade in light of 2016 shooting

Community shows mixed emotions about Pegasus Parade in light of 2016 shooting

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The bleachers are up, empty and waiting for crowds to arrive for Louisville's 2017 Pegasus Parade. But, near the corner of South 4th and Broadway, memories of a shooting that injured two teens during last year's parade persist, conjuring images of violence, chaos and panic.

Louisville Metro Police announced changes to their security plan on Tuesday to promote a sense of security.

A community now wonders, will people feel safe enough to go to the parade or will they stay at home?

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Waiting for a bus just a few feet from the spot where the shooting happened, Louisville resident Robert Alton said he would go if he didn't have to work. He's not concerned about a repeat of the violence.

"It's a shame things like that happen," Alton said. "But you can't let that stop you from bringing your family down to show them having fun and living."

Others in the noon lunch crowd nearby said memories of the isolated act of violence provoke a sense of caution. Louisville resident Angela Lucchese said she plans to stay at home because of the slight possibility of becoming a victim.

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"It could (happen)," Lucchese said. "I mean, it's probably unlikely but you never know."

Don Howell said he has no plans to go to the parade because his children are grown. He said he wouldn't have a problem taking his children to the parade if they were younger.

"I would be okay with it if they wanted to go," Howell said. "I think you just use common sense."

One woman walking near the area of last year's shooting said she plans to attend this year's parade out of civic pride.

"We can overcome those kinds of absurd things that happen at community events," she said. "And we just pull together and keep on going."

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