What is Chiropractic?

In chiropractic, the belief system is that the brain and spinal cord are controlling all of the functions within the human body.

The nerve endings that stem from the spinal cord are connected to all of the muscles, organs and tissues in the body. The spinal column protects those nerve endings. There are 24 vertibral bodies that make up the entire length of the spinal column. When those bones become misaligned through natural stresses, day-to-day repetitive activities or situations such as birth traumas or car accidents, those nerve endings are affected and in turn can cause pain in different parts of the body…or even illnesses affecting certain organs in the body.

Typically, people will wait too long to visit a chiropractor, and symptoms or conditions may require more extensive treatment. Many times, seeing a chiropractor at the first symptom or slightest bit of pain can eliminate further treatment for a certain condition.

Generally, chiropractic is focused on the overall wellness of a person's body. It's believed that if all parts of the spinal column are aligned, then no irritation will occur at the nerve endings, and no pain or symptoms will exist. Keeping your body functioning at 100% capacity is what keeps you healthy, and chiropractic could be part of that.