Chiropractic isn't just for adults. Children and even infants can benefit from it as well.

Newborn infants may experience phases of colic, lack of appetite or general fussiness. Those symptoms could result from traumas experienced during the birth process and minor misalignments in the spinal column or neck.

The technique used with infants and children in general is very gentle and soothing, and could potentially help ward off symptoms of allergies, asthma, ear infections and a variety of other common childhood illnesses.

With children, adjustments can produce pretty dramatic results in very few visits. Continued visits with a chiropractor will help to keep that child healthier because their nervous system will continue to function at a higher capacity.

Another serious condition with an early onset in children is scoliosis. If scoliosis can be detected at an earlier age and treated, the progression of the curve in the spine can be slowed or even stopped altogether. Chiropractic can play a very important role in the treatment of this condition. It may even provide a course of treatment that could help children suffering from scoliosis avoid surgery. In addition, much of the trauma and pain suffered while dealing with scoliosis can be avoided.