Have More Energy With Chiropractic

Fatigue is a warning

Fatigue or low energy is a very common condition. It can range from awakening in the morning with a chronic tired feeling to a severe physical and psychological depression characterized by a total lack of pleasure or sense of fulfillment. It is one of the earliest warning signs that something physical or emotional is not right.

Chronic Fatigue

There can be many causes of chronic fatigue. They can be organic conditions such as cancer, cadiovascular disorders and endocrine disorders, or emotional stress such as depression, anxiety or trauma. Chronic fatigue can be due to sleep deprivation, or an unhealthy lifestyle that does not permit you to "catch up" with yourself.

Spinal Balance & Energy

A common cause of fatigue is an unbalanced spinal column.  Your 24 moveable vertebrae, sacrum, hips and pelvis need proper alignment in order to make efficient use of your energy.

Chiropractic Healing

When chiropractors correct a mechanical distortion in your body with a spine adjustment, nerve system energy is normalized. In effect, chiropractic care heals a broken bridge between your "physical body" and your "energy body", so that they can communicate better with one another and restore harmony to your "body-mind".