Fundraiser for former Courier-Journal writer Bob White

Fundraiser for former Courier-Journal writer Bob White

Louisville, KY (WAVE) - Bob White covered high school sports in Kentucky for over 50 years. The former Louisville Courier-Journal prep writer was the guest of honor on Monday night at a fundraising event at Bellarmine University.

White, who is 82, had his identity stolen last year and his life savings wiped out.

His friends, former colleagues and coaches and players he covered came together, at a cost of $20 per person, with all proceeds going directly to White.

"It's been a great feeling, the response people have made in an attempt to help me get back on my feet, and it's just been overwhelming," White said.

Jody Demling learned the craft under White and then replaced him as the high school writer at the CJ. "Anybody in the state of Kentucky that has done something in high school sports since the late 50's until now, there is more chance than not that he wrote about them," Demling said.

"How many people out of the million, roughly in this metropolitan area, either somebody in an immediate family or one person removed, let's says your sister's son played athletics, Bob White covered him, over 52 years," Bellarmine head basketball coach Scotty Davenport told WAVE 3 Sports.

Billy Reed, who has written for Sports Illustrated, the Courier-Journal and Lexington Herald Leader, was one of the organizers. "He's been a really unfortunate victim of identity theft and just a bunch of us got together and said you know, we need to help Bob," Reed said.

This event alone raised over $7,500. White has also benefited from a GoFundMe page.

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