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Officer Nick Rodman's brother: 'He was the best husband and dad that I've ever known'

Officer Nick Rodman and his family (Source: Rodman family) Officer Nick Rodman and his family (Source: Rodman family)
Rodman's brother and friends reflect on his life. (Source: WAVE 3 News) Rodman's brother and friends reflect on his life. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Rodman's funeral (Source: WAVE 3 News) Rodman's funeral (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It had been years since the city lost an officer in the line of duty. When Nick Rodman lost his life on March 29, thousands showed up to mourn along with his family.

It's been nearly two months since his passing, and for the first time, we are getting a glimpse into Nick Rodman: the son, brother, husband and friend.

The family shared special home videos of family vacations, and fun times showing two young brothers doing what brothers do.

Whether it was dancing with underwear on their heads, hunting for buried treasure in the woods or playing sports Nick and Andy Rodman were two inseparable brothers.

"Whatever he was doing, that's what I wanted to do," Andy Rodman said.  "How he acted, how he talked how he wrote. That's what I wanted to do because Nick was the coolest guy in the world to me."

Add in Nick's two best friends and you get a lifetime of memories. 

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"If you heard the laugh you would immediately turn around and be like, is Nick here?" Jeremiah Reece, Nick’s college buddy said. 

Brian Neuner, was about 12 when he met Nick: "He came out onto the field and I'm thinking 'Who's this guy? I've never seen him before."

Nick and Brian became friends while playing football at Holy Cross and remained close after graduation. 

"We would just talk about dumb stuff," Neuner recalled. "He would just call me and say, hey man I'm making chicken nuggets. I'd be like, that's cool man, what kind of chicken nuggets are they?"

No matter what they talked about, Nick always called the ones he loved. 

"He wouldn't have anything to talk about either," Reece laughed. 

Reece was Nick's college buddy at Georgetown University where Nick studied to be an athletic trainer. 

"Studious is probably not the right term," Reece joked.  

Reece was there when he says Nick fell --- and fell hard -- for a girl named Ashley. She would later become his wife. 

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"They were pretty much a perfect pairing, immediately," Reece said. 

It's the memories that brought these friends closer and helped them through the grief. 

"You get down. You think about the past. Think about the future," Andy told us. "Think about missing him right now."

Nick's last call came at the end of March.  

"There's no good way to prepare for it, you never can," Andy said. 

"At night, it's hard to fall asleep because you just sit there and think,” Neuner told us. "I mean, it's hard. I hate it."

Andy and Nick's father are also LMPD officers. Andy said his parents and younger sister are trying to cope. 

"They're struggling. There's no good way to put it," he explained. "It's not even a week by week thing, or a day by day thing, it's a minute by minute thing."

This officer's story brings about another injustice. 

"The only thing that I think he would not be ok with is being apart from Ashley, and Mason and Ellie," Reece said. 

Even more than a police officer, Nick Rodman was a family man. 

"That was his life," Andy told us. "He was the best husband and dad that I've ever known."

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"Those kids they're gonna know, they're gonna know how great their dad is," Neuner told us before being interrupted by Andy. 

"Oh, they're going to hear the bad stories too," he laughed. "Oh not anytime soon."

For now, Andy hopes Nick is remembered for how he gave life his all. 

"Him with a big smile on his face throwing a football at a tailgate," Andy said. "And that's the image that keeps coming back to me which I am all for 100 percent that be what I remember because that was, that was him."

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