WAVE 3 News Editorial - May 18, 2017: Monetary Wins

WAVE 3 News Editorial - May 18, 2017: Monetary Wins

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Positive economic vibes continue in our region.

Apple says it will invest $200 million in the Corning plant in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. The new investment comes from Apple's Advanced Manufacturing Fund and will be used for equipment and state-of-the-art glass processing at the Kentucky Corning plant.

The partnership between the two companies began ten years ago with the very first iPhone. Every customer that buys an iPhone or iPad anywhere in the world touches glass from the plant.

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Ford Motor Company says no employees from the two Louisville manufacturing plants will be affected by the 10-percent cuts to its salaried workforce that was announced this week. Roughly 400 of the 13,000 workers at the Louisville Assembly Plant and Kentucky Truck Plant are salaried.

And Jefferson Community Technical College students will be able to ride TARC buses for free starting in August. They join students, faculty, and staff from the University of Louisville who also ride TARC buses fare-free by showing their school-issued photo ID.

We certainly applaud these positive developments for our area and hope to see more to come.

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