UofL is making a change for the postseason

Louisville, KY (WAVE) - UofL has lost three straight games. That can be alarming for a team that enters the postseason 46-9 and ranked #5 in the nation.

So the Cards are making a change. Players are showing solidarity by changing their hairstyles. Some are going blonde, some have dyed their hair red and Devin Mann went all in, going with corn rows.

"He kind of looks like Will Ferrell from "Get Hard" but he didn't want to mess up his long hair, so I don't blame him, at least he did something, so it's what I like," ACC Player of the Year Brendan McKay said. McKay has gone blonde.

Shortstop Devin Hairston, the ACC Defensive Player of the Year, is still weighing his options.

"I'm gonna do something to my hair, I haven't quite decided what yet, but yeah I heard that we talked about the corn rows with Devin Mann," Hairston said, adding, "it's not a good look but we're all trying to do something, just to kind of sacrifice and say it's not about me it about this team and we're excited to do that."

The Cards first game in the ACC Tournament this week is Thursday at 7 p.m. against Notre Dame at Louisville Slugger Field.

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