Pitino and Swofford comment on UofL NCAA investigation

Louisville, KY (WAVE) - It has been almost five weeks since UofL made it's case in front of the NCAA Committee on infractions.

At the time it was estimated that a ruling would come down in between six to eight weeks.

Today Rick Pitino declined to go into a detailed response but did say, "It was one of the most difficult days and I don't even want to relive any of those hours, so I'd rather not answer your question, and I don't mean that it went bad or good, it's just that it was excruciating, long, tedious. I don't think anything is going to happen to the future."

When the Committee on Infractions issues it's ruling, UofL and Pitino can appeal the decision.

Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner John Swofford is in Louisville for the ACC Baseball Championship.

"My philosophy and belief is that you get to the truth, you meet it head on, you correct it and you get it behind you and I think that's exactly what the university has done in this instance and hopefully before the fall term starts and the new athletic year, hopefully it'll be behind them," Swofford told WAVE 3 News.

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