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WAVE 3 News Editorial - May 30, 2017: Freedom of the Press

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Reporters are not "cicadas", "snarky losers" or "pathetic" as they have been called by Kentucky's Governor, or a "disgrace," "incompetent," or "dishonest," as they were called by the President. 

The Texas Governor joked about shooting reporters, a congressional candidate in Montana was charged with assaulting a reporter, and FCC security guards ejected a reporter from a meeting for asking questions and the reporter said he was manhandled by them. It is unclear the intent of the person who shot out windows of the Lexington Herald-Leader's press room. 

All of this happened this month - the same one World Press Freedom Day is celebrated.

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Our democracy protects a free press. The First Amendment is a founding bedrock of our society. When reporters are prevented from doing their jobs, the public loses and American freedom is threatened.   

We encourage everyone to challenge reporters respectfully in a civil way. We encourage leaders to be accessible to their constituencies and forthright in answering questions. 

Journalists should not be ignored or threatened for simply trying to do their jobs.    

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