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Man survives as large tree smashes the car he was driving

(SOURCE: WMC Action News 5) (SOURCE: WMC Action News 5)

A man was inside his car when a large tree came crashing down on it. 

It's hard to believe he survived, but he did.

Aaron Snowden said he almost lost his life when the tree fell on his car but he knows walking away from a near death experience is priceless - despite the cost of the damage.

"Just a huge crash," Snowden said.

Snowden said he was driving on Peabody Avenue in his Mini Cooper convertible when the tree landed on his car.

"All of a sudden I see green leafy branches," he said.

The tree devoured the front hood of the vehicle, deploying his air bags, and jamming the steering wheel into Snowden's knee.

"I can't even imagine had it been a second further into the path of that tree," he said.

Snowden said it was a miracle he was able to walk away.

"Knowing that Guardian Angels were with me," Snowden said.

He said he is still in shock.

"It was only afterward that I was able to step back and look like 'oh my God,'" he said.

But, he came away with something valuable - a new perspective on life.

"The inconvenience of being without power for a few days, try living with knowing that you possibly could have lost your life," he said.

Snowden went to the hospital for minor injuries and said his left knee is still in excruciating pain, but he is thankful to be alive.

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