WAVE 3 News Editorial - June 8, 2017: Feedback

WAVE 3 News Editorial - June 8, 2017: Feedback

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Our "Freedom of the Press" editorial didn't sit well with you. Facebook lit up with contrarian opinions.

Sheila Ballinger Fenton: "Laughable editorial. Have you watched the news lately?" 
Jackie Childress: "This wouldn't be a biased opinion coming from the media would it?"

Mike Ritchie: "There is a severe shortage of actual journalist reporters and a gluttony of editorialists."

Rebecca Walker: "It is sickening to hear so-called journalists whine and cry because someone puts them in their place."

John Detherage: "It appears that you guys can dish it out, but can't take it!"

Jerry Kays: "I was cheering Governor Bevin for speaking up when he had enough. I hope he keeps doing it!"

Cindy Shaefer: "Stop bashing those that we elected and report real news that matters to our future."

Dawyne L. Davidson: "Journalists are fast losing credibility."

Dane Taylor: "Real Journalism is DEAD!"

Matthew Sims: "Reporters truly ARE lying losers with an agenda."

Samuel Spalding: "All members of the Fourth Estate play the rating game and don't concern themselves with actual facts!"

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Rachel Morgan: "Sounds like spoiled brats that had someone speak the truth!"

Mary D. Godfrey: "We do not need a reporters opinion. What we need is for a reporter to report the facts. How hard is that?"

Marianne Sanders French: "Reporters can no longer be considered unbiased reporters of facts."

Vicki Pass emailed: "Instead of taking this golden opportunity you have to call out reporters you took up for them. You are either sticking your head in the sand or you're part of the problem or both."

Bryan Johnson emailed: "Reporters have lost the ability to JUST report the facts and allow the viewer to form their own opinion."

Mark Lee emailed: "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is just as much a cornerstone of democracy as the first amendment."

Christiana Belcher took another view, citing more than 100 jailed journalists in Turkey for doing their job: "I am thankful to live where we practice freedom of speech."

And regarding our Cats and Cards baseball editorial, Barbara Sue Hall pointed out that UK had the Southeastern Conference baseball coach of the year, pitcher of the year, and scholar-athlete of the year.

We appreciate your feedback!

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