V-A taking a look at hospitals for sale

V-A taking a look at hospitals for sale

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The head of the Robley Rex Veterans Hospital in Louisville on Tuesday addressed speculation about the hospital's future home.

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When Kentucky One Health put Saints Mary and Elizabeth and Jewish Hospitals up for sale last month, it opened possibilities for the V-A to stay downtown instead of moving to its planned location at Brownsboro Road and the Watterson Expressway.

Martin Traxler, Director of Louisville's V-A Medical Center, said the V-A is looking at the Kentucky One hospitals but explained there is no plan in the works that would compete with the proposed relocation at Brownsboro Road.

"There's been no offer from either Kentucky One or their agent for the V-A to have that property," Traxler said. "There's been a lot of talk of course in the public, and the V-A is interested in ensuring that the public knows we're doing our very best to ensure that the veterans are getting both the health care they need and that we spend taxpayers' dollars wisely."

The V-A already selected land at the Brownsboro location, and an environmental impact study was conducted that showed no significant impacts. Traxler said the Brownsboro location offers enough room to comply with federal security requirements.

The new hospital would need a 50-foot standoff distance to all fences and parking. Traxler said he is not sure the in-town Kentucky One hospitals could satisfy that requirement.

"The Catholic Health Initiative is involved with that property, as is Kentucky One and their agent, Morgan Stanley," Traxler said. "They have their processes and we have ours. We respect their processes and we're looking at all those issues and angles to see if there's any potential in that property."

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