WAVE 3 News Guest Editorial - June 13, 2017: Tormenting Pigs

By Ray Wilson

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Harrison County Fair is going to sponsor their third annual pig wrestling contest at this year's fair.
They are doing this in violation of the Harrison County Animal Control Ordinance which states it is unlawful for anyone to willfully torment any animal.  However, they don't have to fear prosecution because the sheriff, county prosecutor, and county circuit court judge refuse to enforce this ordinance.
Pig Wrestling is an event where pigs are released into a muddy pen and people chase and try to grab them. The pigs don't know this is fun and games for humans. All they know is they are in fear of their lives and have no way to escape.
Some of you may think pig wrestling is no big deal when more heinous animal abuse exists, but stop for just a moment and put yourself in the "shoes" of one of these pigs. You are in a strange place, surrounded by loud, jeering crowds and all of the noises of the fair. You are herded into a pen where four humans start chasing you. They grab at you, jump on you, pull at you and try to pick you up. You don't know if they are going to hurt you or kill you, so you try to escape, but there's no way out of the pen. You are terrified.

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People try to justify this type of entertainment by saying the pigs are not harmed, but that is beside the point.   The pigs are tormented and in my opinion, this is cruelty to animals.
The Harrison County Fair likes to associate itself with the Harrison County 4-H and their fairs run simultaneously, however, the 4-H does not condone pig wrestling.  Dr. Renee McKee, State 4-H program leader, has stated "Pig wrestling is not an activity endorsed in any way by the Indiana 4-H program".
This pig wrestling event conveys to the Kentuckiana public that in Harrison County it's acceptable to harass and torment animals for entertainment.  What they are doing is an embarrassment to the county and makes us look like a bunch of rednecks.
Surely our community can find another means of entertainment that doesn't rely on bullying helpless animals.
Animal cruelty happens when people become indifferent, so remember to say nothing, to do nothing, stops nothing.

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