Cards Anxious For "Business Trip"

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)   Almost lost in all of this basketball madness is U of L baseball's fourth trip ever to the College World Series.  The Cards left for Omaha around one o'clock this afternoon.  They will open play on Sunday against Texas A&M.  Head coach, Dan McDonnell wants his guys to enjoy the experience, but also remember what they're there for.  "There's plenty to do out there, and I want them to enjoy their family and friends being there, but they understand it's what we say on the first trip of the year, it's a business trip," said McDonnell.

Senior, Colin Lyman who was a member of the last U of L team says he told his younger teammates to have fun, but not too much fun.  "It's more than all the stuff you get.  It's more than the attention you get.  No, you're going to get way more attention if you put that stuff to the side and focus on winning your games," said Lyman.

The Cards haven't won a game in the College World Series since 2007, but they say they are ready for the challenge, and are excited to get this thing started.  "It's just like any other game.  We're playing Texas A&M on Sunday, so its a faceless opponent like Coach Mac always says.  Do what we do, and thats play baseball and play hard play with energy and a lot of passion," said junior third baseman, Drew Ellis.

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