12-year-old with rare bone disease finds healing by producing music

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A young boy in Louisville is one of only a couple hundred people suffering from Gorhman's disease, also known as vanishing bone disease.

Eian Robles, 12, has turned to music to get him through his battle with the disease.

"It technically dissolves your bone," Eian said.

Before being diagnosed, Eian loved playing baseball. But once his shoulder blade dissolved because of the disease, he couldn't play sports anymore. He decided he wanted to pick up a new skill - producing music.

"It makes me not really think about anything else," Eian said. "It makes me feel good, and when I am doing it I'm only focused on that."

Eian's mother, Tessie Robles, asked around about someone who could introduce her son to the technology and skills it takes to create songs.

"When you came to me and said you wanted to do baseball there was a sign up on every corner, but I have no clue how to get you into producing," Tessie said.

She found a local producer who said he would volunteer some time to introduce her son to his new hobby.

"Next thing I know, this kid is really picking this up kind of faster than I thought," music producer John Woo said. "So it made me want to invest more time to see what he can really do."

One meeting turned into several months of mentoring. Eian and Woo met every week and worked with local musicians to create a full-length song. The project was a distraction from Eian's visits to the hospital.

"He puts his headphones on and he just listens to his music," Tessie said. "The doctors are doing the infusions and he is just drifting away in his music and staying positive."

The music distracts Eian from Gorham's disease.

"Get famous is really my main goal," Eian said.
Eian has a website to bring awareness to Gorham's disease. For more information and to listen to the full song he produced, click here.

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