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Katina Powell tells all in raunchy live interview

(Source: Facebook/Jason English) (Source: Facebook/Jason English)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Louisville comedian Jason English scored an exclusive one-on-one Facebook live interview with Katina Powell on Saturday.

“I pulled off some stuff that not even ESPN could pull off,” English told WAVE 3 News.

English didn't hold anything back as he asked Powell the sex parties with players and recruits and her intentions when she published her shocking tell-all book.

“I got no beef with UofL,” Powell said during the interview. “What was my beef with UofL? It's my right as a citizen to write a book.”

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The interview occurred less than 48 hours after the NCAA revealed its infractions against the University of Louisville, as a result of Powell’s book, Breaking Cardinal Rules

“I told her, I said, 'this is what I can offer you',” English said. “I can offer you freedom of speech, not chop cut editing, you get to just speak your mind, show the side people don't see.” 

The interview was roughly 55 minutes of what some would describe as nothing short of explicit. Powell discussed having sex with a recruit, a possible movie deal in the works and involving her daughters in the sex parties with players.

“I taught my daughters that, and I don't care how people feel about this, 'you not gonna lay down with these {expletive} and get up with promises',” Powell said. "You're gonna get your money before you lay down and when you get up, he can keep his promises and you can get out the door with what he paid you. I'm not raising no dummies."

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Powell said she made a lot of money after the book.

The literature could end up costing the University of Louisville more. The new sanctions would cause them to lose any titles of games involving players accused in the scandal and tack on a five-game suspension for head coach Rick Pitino.

“I do feel bad,” Powell said. “I did not know that this much was going to happen and I'm sorry.”

The live broadcast was shared more than 1,600 times before it was removed from Jason English's Facebook page.

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