Car smashes into home, neighbors plead for speed bumps

Car smashes into home, neighbors plead for speed bumps

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Julie Swan and her husband Steven could barely wrap their minds around what they saw Sunday morning.

"He goes, 'Call the police, call the police, someone's hit our house again,' and I'm like 'what,'" Julie Swan said.

A car ran into the couple's home for the second time. The first incident happened about year ago.

"A guy had a road-rage incident and came down Summerfield trying to kill two kids in a Dodge Charger," Steven Swan said. "The Charger left the street and ended up in my neighbor's front yard. He then hit the back of the Charger, went airborne, and then went into the side of our house."

The Swans just finished their home repairs from the first incident this week.

"Oh my gosh I'm like, 'Are you kidding, again?' Last time it was our mailbox that got creamed," Helen Klapheke said.

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Neighbors on Summerfield Drive have had enough. They said their wide and straight street is a speeder's haven.

"People think they're like LeMans or something," Steven Swan said. "They're enjoying the thrill of coming down that hill."

Neighbors previously contacted Councilman Kevin Kramer about installing speed bumps on their street.

"His office was willing to go to the expense," Klapheke said. "The neighborhood is a dead end and it's expansive. Getting anyone to agree on speed bumps, is especially when they're the ones speeding, is next to impossible."

Due to a state mandate, adding a stop sign to the street is out of the question. Maybe after this latest bump in the road, one will be put back on the table.

"We've got to get something done about slowing the people down who seem to think this is a raceway," Steven Swan said.

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