WAVE 3 News Editorial - June 22, 2017: Middle School Magnet

WAVE 3 News Editorial - June 22, 2017: Middle School Magnet

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - We encourage the Jefferson County School Board to approve the proposed "Males of Color Academy" at their board meeting Tuesday.

The proposed program will enroll 150 sixth grade African-American males next year and tailor a culturally relevant curriculum.

Achievement scores among non-white males are significantly lower than their white male classmates and their suspension rate is more than three times higher, according to the district. The JCPS makeup is 46% Caucasian, 37% African-American, and 10% Hispanic.

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Trying a different model makes sense. And if it works, expand the model.

A district-wide magnet school for African-American middle school students can work. Lexington's Carter G. Woodson Academy opened five years ago, offering an advanced curriculum through the lens of African-American history, culture, and culturally responsive teaching and learning strategies, and students have consistently scored higher than the state average in reading.
Evolving from what has been traditionally done is key to creating positive change. We hope this possibility is given a chance and becomes a difference-maker.

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