Student cyber camps aim to create pipeline to tech jobs

Student cyber camps aim to create pipeline to tech jobs

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - With more than 2,000 cyber security job openings in the state of Kentucky, community groups are starting early to train young students on the opportunities.

"These skills are transferable," said Kevin Fields, who's hosting summer cyber camps at the Louisville Central Community Centers. "They are programming robots and they could be programming military equipment one day."

The Technology Association of Louisville, Kentucky, known as TALK, began the week-long cyber camps on June 12, with 14 middle and high school students participating.

"The goal is to increase their interest in coding, robotics and the science field in general," camp instructor Arlene Crabtree said.

Crabtree guided eight students through this week's second session of cyber camp. In five days, the students learned about cyber security, robot building and code writing.

"We don't write the code for them," Crabtree said. "They have to figure the code out to guide the robots through different mazes."

The students write code to maneuver their robots through three different mazes, each of which offers different degrees of difficulty based on the amount and angles of turns.

"I have never coded before," said 13-year-old Irena Fletcher. "But I have always been really interested in coding."

By her last day of cyber camp, Fletcher was learning things that other students didn't have access to.

"The coolest thing I have done is run the robot through the maze and getting it through the maze," she said.

TALK secured a gr ant through UPS that will cover a total of four cyber camp sessions. There are two more camps to sign up for, and Fields said the West End is a perfect location.

"This is an exposure to technology and it is located in a community that really needs it," Fields said,

Students in middle and high school can sign up for the program at no cost. The next cyber camp starts July 10 at the Louisville Central Community Centers. Contact Deborah Gr ant at 502-583-8823 or dgr

The last cyber camp will start July 24 at the Neighborhood House. Contact Julie Anderson at 502-774-2322 ext. 232 or

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