PRP Baseball State Championships - A Family Tradition

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)   A quiet house in Southwest Jefferson County is the home of champions.  The Glass family has won three state championships at Pleasure Ridge Park High School.  The patriarch, Donnie was a pitcher on the '95 championship squad.  "Just being part of a team, and what we was at PRP was a family," said Glass.

But Donnie is not the only member of the Glass family to bring home a state championship ring.  His oldest son, Drew, pitched on the 2008 state championship team, and the baby boy Dallas, a sophomore at PRP, took the mound in this year's state championship win over Simon Kenton.  "It was one of my biggest pressures was after he had one won, I thought what's going to happen?  What if he doesn't win one?  So, you know, he took a lot of pressure off now where at least we all got one now," said Donnie.

Winning state championships at PRP is not the only thing the Glass family has in common.  They were all led by head coach, Bill Miller.  The all time winningest baseball coach in the state.  And when Coach Miller was diagnosed with lung cancer back in 2015, it was a blow that definitely hit home at the Glass household.  "It was pretty devastating.  I was a way at college.  About an hour way, which isn't far, but we got the news it was pretty heartbreaking," said Drew.    "We all wanted to win it for him that year.  We just wasn't old enough.  We had the talent.  We knew we had plenty of talent.  We just couldn't do it," said Dallas.

Plenty of trash talk goes on between the fellas.  "(Dallas) is going to keep talking.  That's what he does.  He's a talker," said Drew.  But they're all each other's biggest fan.  "I would love to see (Dallas) win one more.  Maybe even two.  Whatever's possible.  I love to see him accomplish good things," said Drew.

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