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Water company encourages precautions before setting off fireworks

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Tuesday's Fourth of July holiday comes with a warning from one of Indiana's water companies as many prepare to light up their own skies.

Indiana American Water says planning out your spot before you set off fireworks and cleaning up are key. Debris left over could contain harmful compounds that pose a threat to the waterways.

It would be hard to imagine the holiday without fireworks, and for many people inside Powder Keg in Jeffersonville, creating your own experience is the best part. 

"Definitely going to be a lot of commotion going on in here in a good way," Powder Keg Manager Rachel Genakos said.

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Before dusk, Indiana American Water asks that you consider where they just might end up.

In order to reduce the amount of contaminants entering waterways, revelers are urged to keep fireworks away from local water sources.

"There's precautions and caution signs on almost every firework you buy," Genakos said.

At Powder Keg, safety is key, and throughout the years, even packaging has aimed to be more eco-friendly.

"We recommend to people that they can even cut the paper off of the big finale pieces or the plastic and the firework does tell you to do that, and that's less debris going into the water," Genakos said.

People can do their part to lessen environmental pollution in a few steps. Indiana American Water encourages you to immediately clean up debris before chemicals have a chance to transfer into ground water. Dispose of malfunctioning fireworks properly and request low-perchlorate fireworks, which is a common compound found in rocket fuels and explosives, but can cause some health problems.

"I mean I think that's smart,” Genakos said. “Make sure you take care of the environment and have fun at the same time."

Indiana American Water does not use water from the Ohio River, as it is a groundwater-only system in southeast Indiana.

The company said that in recent years, there have been many developments to create newer, greener pyrotechnics.

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