WAVE 3 News Editorial - July 6, 2017: UofL Progress

(Source: WAVE 3 News)
(Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Students preparing to begin classes next month at the University of Louisville won't be confronted with higher tuition bills. It will be the first time in 16 years tuition didn't increase - and that is despite financial challenges facing UofL, including a $48 million shortfall.

The Board of Trustees approved a balanced budget that should provide stability for UofL – a welcome step as the university deals with the mismanagement findings of the forensic audit of the UofL Foundation, and an appeal to the NCAA Committee on Infractions for sanctions toward the basketball program.

Students can appreciate that five of their own were named Fulbright Scholars, making it 109 Fulbright Scholars the past 15 years. They can look forward to leadership stability and a positive resolution to the accreditation concerns. The new freshman students will likely belong to the most diverse freshman class ever as a record number of freshman applications were received and incoming student commitments are up, following the largest graduating class in history. Students will be connected with close to 100 organizations that partner with UofL in West Louisville, from schools and community centers to social service agencies. UofL was one of the driving forces in the creation of Passport Health and continues their involvement as Passport plans to headquarter in West Louisville.

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The Schools of Medicine and Engineering will be utilizing more than $13 million in research grant awards to study transplantable artificial heart devices, robotic nursing assistants for physical tasks in hospital environments, and the role of nutrition in alcohol-induced organ injury, as well as establishing a Kentucky multi-scale manufacturing and Nano integration node.

The University Medical Center, a non-profit affiliate of the University of Louisville, took over management of the University of Louisville Hospital and the James Graham Brown Cancer Center this week, including an academic affiliation agreement for the hospital's 242 residency spots for physicians training in their given specialties.

We applaud UofL's interim president for helping guide the university to brighter days.

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