Do You Know What to do to Prevent Arthritis?

It's one of the most common and painful problems associated with growing older. That's why the Arthritis Foundation is launching a campaign to help people understand how to ward off the disease.

They want to get the word out that arthritis isn't just caused by sports-related injuries. Being overweight and repetitive motion injuries are other factors.

To increase awareness, the Arthritis Foundation is offering a free quiz so anyone can assess their joint health.

"The Arthritis Foundation assess your joint health campaign is an attempt to help people identify the risk factors associated with osteoarthritis and to take action by seeing their doctor and initiating lifestyle changes which can minimize the effect of this disabling disease," said Dr. Jack Klipple.

To sign up for the free quiz and arthritis kit, call the Arthritis Foundation at 1-800-283-7800.

Online Author: Melissa Schantz