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Bevin reps argue Anchorage home is overvalued

Gov. Bevin's home in Anchorage  from Air 3. (Source: Air 3/WAVE 3 News) Gov. Bevin's home in Anchorage from Air 3. (Source: Air 3/WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – For nearly three hours Wednesday, representatives for Governor Matt Bevin made their case to the Jefferson County Property Assessment Board of Appeals that his Anchorage home was overvalued.

The reasons they gave for lowering the assessed or taxed valued had to do with issues in the home like windows painted shut, water in the basement and leaky cisterns.

In a rare move, the board and PVA now want to go inside.

Bevin purchased the home from investor Neil Ramsey for $1.6 million in March.

The county valued the home around $2.1 million. That gave the appearance of a sweetheart deal because Ramsey is a Bevin donor and had just been placed on the state's retirement board.

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The governor hired John May, a certified assessor, who valued the home around $1.39 million, meaning Bevin actually overpaid. 

May valued the full lot at $2.15 million which the county valued at $2.975 million.

Bevin’s attorney, Mark Sommer, said, "We're pleased with our presentation. We believed all along that the evidence supported a significantly and materially lower assessment."

Bevin's attorney floated Aug. 1 as a day to view the home. After that, there should be a final verdict within three days.

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