Pass the Cash: Man loses his other half

Pass the Cash: Man loses his better half

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It is known as the golden years. The time in life where you should be sitting back and reaping the benefits of your hard work through the years.

We've all heard of someone whose golden years are tarnished by illness, sadness and loss. 

The week we headed to southwest Louisville after getting a call by way of a nomination form on to Pass the Cash to a man who literally lost all he lived for.

"He's my neighbor two doors down.  he's struggling. Been struggling to pay his bills," David explained.

Bill is struggling. Not only financially, but emotionally. 

"His wife was wheelchair bound and she was sick for quite a long time," David said.

Bill's wife suffered from muscular dystrophy.

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"Had a long hospital stay and passed just a few weeks ago," David said.

Bill is now broke and heart broken.

"He don't say a lot about his situation," David said. "The last LG&E bill almost had it turned off. I just feel being a good neighbor we should help him."

WAVE 3 News always helps with $300, plus we had more from someone at Best of Louisville and at City Barbecue for a total of $350.

We didn't have to go far to deliver our gift. After a quick hug David quickly started with an explanation.

"You've been struggling. Don't want to see your electric get turned off. We did Pass the Cash," he said.

I had to ask if the money would help.

"They cut my disability cause my wife was my payee," Bill said. "I don't know how long its gonna take."

And he doesn't know just how long he can take it. Losing his better half and his partner for life has been hard, harder than he had admitted until now.

"Especially for our dogs," he said.

Bill is holding on and holding out until a change comes. Bill has never had to ask for help. His wife was the head of Faith in Action. They built their lives on helping the sick and the shut in.

"I kinda miss it. I fell down and broke my back. I can't handle people in wheelchairs anymore," Bill said.

He also has a hard time asking for or accepting help. His back fence blew down in the last storm.  Bill did what he had to do to get by.

"They had a scrap pile they let me have the sign post that were bent over," he said.

The twisted pieces of metal keep his dogs in and his pride intact.

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