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Kentucky Derby winner statue missing from New Albany business

Pat Harrison and her missing Gallopalooza horse. (Source: Pat Harrison) Pat Harrison and her missing Gallopalooza horse. (Source: Pat Harrison)

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - For more than a decade, you've probably seen beautifully, hand painted fiberglass horse statues across WAVE Country.

The horses were sold during Gallopalooza fundraisers to benefit Brightside through community beautification efforts.

One of those beloved horses has disappeared and now police need the public’s help to track it down.

Those who are familiar with Charlestown Road have probably seen the now missing horse numerous times. It used to stand right in front of RE/MAX First.

“He was one of 200 horses that they had in this Gallopalooza fundraiser,” horse statue owner and longtime realtor Pat Harrison said.

In 2004, Harrison paid a little over $2,000 for her horse His Eminence, named after the 1901 Kentucky Derby winner. He has long stood in front of her office.

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“We really felt attached to this horse and he was a good icon for the people, for the kids, they would stop and take pictures,” Harrison said.

But the horse is gone and she wants whoever took it to bring it back.

“Fiberglass ceramic horses don't often times turn up missing,” New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey said.

His Eminence has been through a lot. In 2006, Harrison's business caught fire and the horse was damaged in the meantime.

“We had to redo him,” Harrison said.

She paid more than $10,000 in repairs.

“It was a good piece for our area to have,” Harrison said.

In early July, strong winds blew the horse over. Harrison said not long after it was moved behind the building until it could be fixed again. 

“We didn't dream anybody would take him back here, we were worried about him going out front,” Harrison said.

Even though the horse was nowhere near her dumpster, she wonders if someone thought it was being thrown out.
“With regard to anybody who is a scavenger, if you will, they are not allowed to go on to anybody's private property, get into anybody's trash or help themselves to anything even if it does seemingly look like it may have been discarded,” Bailey said. “There's really no excuse, it is still a theft.”

Harrison is hoping someday she will see her horse again.

“I'm sick over it and hopefully someone that knows somebody that knows somebody will tell him to bring it back,” Harrison said.

Harrison believes the horse weighs under 200 pounds.

Anyone with information about this theft is asked to call the New Albany Police Department at (812) 948-NAPD.

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