Cards Report to Camp

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)   September 2nd is when the University of Louisville will kickoff the season in Indianapolis against Jeff Brohm and his Purdue Boilermakers.  On Wednesday afternoon, U of L head coach, Bobby Petrino met with the media as his Cards reported for camp.

Under the new NCAA guidelines, college football programs are opening camp earlier.  Giving players more days off, thus ending two-a-day practices.  Petrino says it's an adjustment, but he likes the changes.  " I'm not opposed at all to not having two-a-days.  I think as long as you get the time to prepare, to practice.  Used to be, you couldn't bring them in for the summer when you  had way more two-a-days.  You know, kids would breakdown.  Their muscles would get sore.  They weren't used to it if they were new junior college transfers or freshmen and they would be out of practice for three or four days, or miss the first game.  Where if you didn't have two-a-days, they would've been healthy and ready to go.  So, I'm not opposed to that at all," said Petrino.

After closing the season with a three game losing streak, including a home loss to archrival Kentucky to close the season, this team is ready to silence the critics.  Petrino says the best way for his team to get the sour taste of their mouths is simple...hard work.  "Yeah, we just go to work.  That's what you do.  You go to work.  You can be motivated by your successes.  You can be motivated by your failures.  And I think the one thing you need to keep in mind is all the great things that we did.  All of the successes that we had.  And we have to address why we didn't succeed and learn from it, and get to work," said Petrino.

As the Cards get ready for the season, they're having to work around the construction going on at the stadium as expansion of Papa John's Cardinal Stadium continues.  It can be a bit of a headache getting around...but the team doesn't mind.  "Obviously, we've got some challenges with how we get to the practice field.  How do we get to the game field? It's gonna change you know.  We just have to have a great attitude about it, and do whatever we have to do.  We will get to the practice field.  It may take us a little bit longer, but I guarantee we'll be out there," said Petrino.

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