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Man accused of using tow truck as weapon

Jeremy Paul Karlin (Source: Jeff Knight, WAVE 3 News) Jeremy Paul Karlin (Source: Jeff Knight, WAVE 3 News)

MEMPHIS, IN (WAVE) - A Southern Indiana tow truck driver is accused of trying to seriously hurt his girlfriend with his tow truck.

Authorities said it happened Aug. 4 near Memphis, Indiana, after the two got into an argument. Investigators say it was a scary situation for the woman. After she tried to call 911, they say, Jeremy Paul Karlin, 27, allegedly smashed her phone, then rammed her car more than once with his tow truck.

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"The victim is lucky to have escaped serious injury, Jeremy Mull, the Clark County prosecutor, said. 

An unfair fight, investigators said. Monday, Karlin faced a judge and the possibility of three and a half years behind bars after investigators said he used that tow truck as a weapon. 

"He was driving for a wrecker company and allegedly rammed into her car multiple times, creating extensive damage to her car," Mull said. 

The sheriff's office said Karlin and his girlfriend were at their home on Bennettsville Road near Memphis when he got upset after seeing some text messages on her phone. The woman told police Karlin began yelling and told her she was "worthless and to kill herself" before he grabbed the phone and smashed it on the wall. 

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After the woman ran to her car and got inside, investigators believe Karlin started ramming it with the two truck. 

"At this point, she thought she was getting ready to be smashed into a tree on the property with this wrecker," Mull said. 

The woman was able to escape from the car, run to a neighbor’s home and call for help. 

The manager of the local tow company said they are investigating, but are upset one of their trucks may have been used in a crime. The manager said Karlin has not been with the company long, but a background check on him was done and nothing came up. 

The tow truck, the manager said, was at Karlin’s house because he was on call. 

Karlin is charged with criminal recklessness with a vehicle, a felony, and interfering with the reporting of a crime. Mull said Karlin is innocent until proven guilty, but what he's accused of is troubling. 

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