Bond reduced for suspect in 14-year-old's murder

Bond reduced for suspect in 14-year-old's murder

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A judge reduced bond for a Louisville woman suspected of stabbing and killing a 14-year-old.

Tiffany James, 19, is charged with murder. Police say she admitted to stabbing Madison Branch at a Speedway in the Portland neighborhood in late June.

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Monday, Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge McKay Chauvin dropped James' bond from $50,000 full cash to $25,000 full cash.

The reduction was due to Judge Chauvin's belief that James will return to her next court date, and stay out of trouble in the meantime.

But the judge warned both families and friends of the severity of interfering with the process of this case, as threats, phone calls and text messages were brought up by defense attorney Brendan McLeod.

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"I promise you, if you interfere in this proceedings, if you interfere with this prosecution, I will take action," Judge Chauvin said. "I will put you in jail."

After Monday's bond hearing, both families, the defense attorney and prosecutor declined to comment.

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