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Check out which schools across WAVE Country have a plan for Kentucky's Darkest Day

Kentucky's Darkest Day (Source: WAVE 3 News) Kentucky's Darkest Day (Source: WAVE 3 News)

KENTUCKY (WAVE) - School districts across the Commonwealth are preparing for Kentucky's Darkest Day. 

Multiple school districts in WAVE Country have announced what their plans are for school. 

  • Jefferson County Public Schools have announced they will dismiss each student in middle and high school for 21 minutes later than normal.
  • Hardin County Schools will be dismissing 30 minutes late. All teachers and students will be able to watch the eclipse, thanks to Western Kentucky University, providing them with the solar eclipse glasses. 
  • Bullitt County Schools have canceled classes for students; teachers will have a professional development day. Students will make the day up on February 2, 2018.
  • Fayette County Schools have canceled classes for teachers and students. Class will instead be held on October 27.
  • Oldham County Schools will dismiss 30 minutes later than normal. Afternoon preschool will also be affected. 
  • Western Kentucky University has announced all classes held before 4 p.m. are canceled on August 21. 
  • Greater Clark County Schools will dismiss on time, except for Jeffersonville High school, which will dismiss at 2:30. GCCS announced on Tuesday that attendance will be taken as normal and students absences will be excused with parental permission, but the absence will count against perfect attendance.

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  • West Clark Community Schools warned that dismissal could be slightly delayed due to the expected timing of the eclipse. Students will only be permitted to view the eclipse during the school day if they are wearing the proper protective eye gear. Parents who do not wish for their students to participate in eclipse activities at school can follow standard procedure by sending a note. District officials will also accept early releases and absences as excused educational absences, however perfect attendance will be affected.
  • Henry County Public Schools will be in regular session, but students will be offered eclipse glasses for viewing during the school day. Any parent wishing to involve their student in an eclipse activity that would result in a full or partial absence of the student will need to fill out an educational enhancement opportunity form. These can be picked up at the school and can be submitted no later than Friday, August 18. Dismissal will not be delayed.
  • Clarksville Community Schools is allowing their students to participate in the solar eclipse, thanks to some help from the Clarksville Police Department. CPD has purchased 1,500 International Standard Compliant eclipse glasses for students and staff. Students will not be allowed to participate in the eclipse event without a signed waiver from a parent or guardian. Waivers were sent home with students and must be returned to the school by August 18. You can find a copy of the waiver here.
  • Madison Consolidated Schools will allow students to learn about and watch the eclipse on August 21. The district has purchased NASA-endorsed, eclipse-safe viewing glasses for all students and staff so everyone has the option to participate. If parents do not want their child to participate an opt-out form must be completed and returned to their child's school. Students whose parents choose to opt-out of the viewing party will watch televised coverage/webcast of the event. While the optimum viewing time is just prior to elementary dismissal time, the district does plan to follow our normal dismissal process.
  • New Albany Floyd County Schools' school day on August 21 will be extended by 15 minutes. Officials said this is to allow students the chance to safely watch the eclipse. Many students will be using NASA approved sunglasses to watch the eclipse, while others will watch the eclipse via a NASA stream or cable broadcast.  
  • ?Clarksville Community School will dismiss early on August 21, because it does not feel that the protection glasses purchased by the district measure up to the highest possible standard. Anyone with questions is asked to call 812-987-6814.

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