Bellarmine wrestling coaches score a takedown on mugger

Bellarmine wrestling coaches score a takedown on mugger

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - By chance, a group of wrestling coaches were in the right place at the right time to help a woman who had just been mugged.

Bellarmine University Wrestling Head Coach Spencer Adams and Assistant Coach Brandon Sellers were among coaches attending a conference in Daytona Beach Sunday when their plans were interrupted by a cry for help.

Jill Thompson was on her way to the pool when a man snatched the wallet she was carrying and then attempted to run away. She tried to follow him as she yelled for someone to help.

"I had no chance," Thompson said. "I really wanted to get my wallet back because it had my keys to get home."

Brandon Sellers said the two coaches sized up the situation and acted quickly.

"Just hearing someone scream her wallet had been stolen. That's all we heard," Sellers said. "We looked to make sure, see where this person was. Once we saw him, we just d ropped our bags and started running."

With the help of a third coach from California, Sellers and Spencer Adams surrounded the suspect.

Adams grabbed the man from behind, and using a wrestling move called the 'lift and turn,' brought him to the ground. Just like in a wrestling match, Adams said the intention was to immobilize his opponent.

"You want to knock the wind out of them so they don't move," Adams said.

"Once he hit the ground, he was done," Sellers said.

Thompson was able to recover her wallet, credit cards and keys. Police took the thief into custody.

"I would say these men are definitely heroes," Thompson said. "I think they're real life superheroes disguised as wrestling coaches."

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