See real-life examples of a solar eclipse

See real-life examples of a solar eclipse

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The clock continues to count down to Kentucky's Darkest Day on Monday and the excitement is building as each hour passes by.

The good news is that you do not have to wait until Monday to get a glimpse of what to expect here in WAVE Country.

So far, we have showed you the computer graphics of how Monday's total solar eclipse will happen and what the sun will likely look like in WAVE Country and down in Hopkinsville in the direct path of totality.

But to see it with your eyes is a whole other experience. Watch the video to see some examples.

In the path of totality, 100% of the sun is blocked by the moon. And the reaction on the ground is always the same. Even animals take notice.

Those in Hopkinsville will experience a scene exactly like those in the Easter Islands got in 2010. Just before the last of the sun was covered, brightness of the corona lights up with a complete image that looks like a diamond ring, before it all fades away.

In Louisville, 96% of the sun will fade away. A similar eclipse was captured in a time-lapse in Iceland back in 2015.

So as long as the clouds avoid our view at that crucial moment, we will be in for a show of a lifetime.

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