IOGP Power Boats are back

After a 20 year hiatus, the International Outboard Grand Prix Power Boats are back on the Waterfront, racing for spectators all along the Ohio River.

"Oh we came back to Louisville because this venue is amazing, the viewing is great, the audience is great, and the fans are on top of it," said announcer Kay Brewer.

Racer Mark Welch said, "I haven't raced this Ohio River, this is the first time for me to be here and I'm pretty excited about it, it looks like we're gonna have a great course."

For long time racer Greg Foster, he's grown a lot since his last time racing here in Louisville 20 years ago.

"I remembered I wrecked a lot of stuff then and we barely made it in after the race and had to put it on a crane and get it out of the water because the boat was gonna sink, that's my memory of it but we are going great this weekend," said Foster.

Kay Brewer said, "these boats are gonna be hitting speeds of about 113-120 mph and they are 2.5 Liter, 350 HP engine that's 17 feet long.  The drivers are strapped in by a 6 point harness and they do have air in case there is a accident which we hope to not see.  So far we haven't seen one yet!"

The boaters weren't the only ones thrilled about the action, fans from all over Kentuckiana came out to support.

"I came down here actually to get the experience for my son, I've gone to the Madison Regatta a few times myself and seeing it here in Louisville seems like a great time," said Timothy Babb.

His son Alexander Babb said, "I'm so excited because it is my first boat race and I think it's gonna be fun!"

These speedsters will be back again next year but they're probably going to change the dates so they don't interfere with the Kentucky State Fair.