Are You a Candidate?

Possibly, but only through a free, confidential consultation with Dr.Parsley can you find out for sure.

In general, people with the following conditions listed are considered good candidates for hair transplantation.

You may be a candidate if you have:

(1) Male pattern hair loss – Individuals with this condition are good candidates if the hair loss is not too extensive and if the hair on the back or sides of the scalp is not too thin.

(2) Hair loss from injury scars or inactive infections.

(3) Face-lifting scars or other surgical scars.

(4) Female pattern hair loss – Women suffering from this condition can be excellent candidates for hair transplantation if the areas on the backs and sides of the scalp have reasonable density.

(5) People with previous hair transplants using larger round grafts who desire a more natural appearance.

(6) Eyebrow loss or scarring.

After reviewing the above information, if you feel that the procedure could be beneficial to you, the next step would be to arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Parsley and his staff.

The consultation is free and totally confidential. To schedule a consultation call our office at (502) 585-5249