Twin vs Twin on Friday Night at Fern Creek

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)   It is a match up of siblings for the ages as Fern Creek offensive coordinator, Ronnie Stoner matches up against his twin brother, Manual Defensive Coordinator, Donnie Stoner.  "It's a good feeling, and it's a weird feeling at the same time," said Ronnie.

Donnie and Ronnie, who are identical twins, played high school football at Manual with current Fern Creek head coach, Josh Abell and were both on Abell's coaching staff.  "When they were on the same staff, I would say hey Stoner, and they would both turn around," said Abell.

Donnie is now in his first year as the defensive coordinator at Manual, and says the rivalry with his brother is exciting.  "It's an at home rivalry.  House divided, and all that.  So we're excited," said Donnie.

Both are extremely competitive.  Especially, when you ask who's the better athlete.  "I always seem to think I'm the better athlete," said Ronnie.  "Yeah, he's been saying that since day one," countered Donnie.  But they do admit it's weird facing their twin on the other sideline.  "To be separated and have to coach against each other is just a weird feeling," said Ronnie.

This match up is much more than just brother against brother.  It's strength against strength.  The defense of Manual held Central to just seven points in their loss last week.  Whereas Fern Creek's offensive coordinator, his team ran up 52 points against Seneca.  "Yeah, I anticipate it being a defensive game," said Donnie.  "Friday night will be a challenge not only for us, for Manual as well," said Ronnie.

Another twist to Friday's game, it's on Donnie and Ronnie's mom's birthday.  No word yet on where she plans on sitting during the game at Fern Creek.  Both want to make their mom proud.  "I'm hoping to give mom one of the best birthday gifts she could possibly have," said Donnie.  Ronnie did have one message for his brother, "I would just let Donnie know that it's not personal.  It's just business".

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