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Cards' $160 million deal with Adidas one of the best in college sports

Lamar Jackson (Source: UofL Athletics) Lamar Jackson (Source: UofL Athletics)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - University of Louisville Athletics signed a new, $160 million apparel deal with long-time partner Adidas.  The agreement will last for 10 years, and is one of the most lucrative apparel contracts in the country.

UofL and Adidas have been partners for 20 years of unprecedented growth in the program.  Athletic Director Tom Jurich praised Adidas’ loyalty.

“It's incredible to me,” Jurich said.  “Loyalty means everything to me, and they're the epitome of it.”

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UofL now becomes Adidas' top team in North America.  More than money, the deal carries prestige.  It puts UofL in the same rarefied air with schools like UCLA, Ohio State and Texas, which all signed top dollar deals with high profile brands.

Yahoo Sports National Columnist Pat Forde said Adidas recently lost major college contracts, and may be trying to buy it's way back into the game day spotlight. Forde said he was a little surprised by how much Adidas paid to UofL.

“Big dollar figure for sure,” Forde said, “but Adidas has been losing a lot of flagship programs.  They lost UCLA, they lost Notre Dame, lost Michigan, lost
Tennessee.  If they want to stay in the market they may have to pay and perhaps overpay."

After the University of Louisville basketball prostitute scandal, NCAA sanctions, financial disarray and administrative infighting, the Adidas deal could be
just what the embattled school needed to put some shine back on its logo.  Bob Valvano, host of "The V Show" on ESPN Radio said the announcement was a big image boost.

 “With all that's gone on here I think it was, certainly from Tom Jurich and his people, a way to let everybody else know, look, you know we have gone through
some rough times but this is still a pretty desirable brand,” Valvano said.

“We love the trajectory of where athletics here is going,” Chris McGuire, Director of Sports Marketing for Adidas said.  “We're not going to let a couple of months mess up a legacy and stuff that we've built here together for the last 20 years.”

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