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Five Questions with owner of new Bardstown Road gallery

(Source: WAVE 3 News) (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Madison Ewing and her boyfriend Jason Schmidt (Source: Madison Ewing) Madison Ewing and her boyfriend Jason Schmidt (Source: Madison Ewing)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Buying a piece of original art for your house can be intimidating. Just walking into a gallery sometimes can take some confidence-building.

There's a new, hip gallery opened by a 24-year-old in the Highlands area called MADS. It is Madison Paige Ewing's nickname, but it also stands for Modern Artwork, Design & Style.

Madison was born in Louisville but spent a lot of time growing up in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from Bellarmine with BA in Accounting and an MBA, she started work as an accountant.

One day she says she was strolling down Bardstown Road and saw an available storefront (formerly Urban Attic) and began to form her dream of combining different forms of arts, visual, musical, and textile.

MADS is located at 1608 Bardstown Road. Here are my five questions with its owner, Madison Paige Ewing.

1. What inspired you to open this gallery?

The desire to bring a contemporary/metropolitan feel to the local arts community - with live music, various cultural waves, local and national artists - and put it right on display on Bardstown Road, the most heavily walked road in the city. We hoped to really engage people in our activity, not just have them stroll through a quiet art museum. We wanted the atmosphere to be natural and inviting, creating a comfortable and suitable place for a wide array of tastes.

2. What's different about your gallery?

We intend for the art to take action, not only through display, but also through filling the space with various groups that engage in their own events amongst a backdrop of art. Art classes, live performances, public and private parties, forums, special interest groups and the like are all on display through the great (newly renovated) glass front for the city to observe and participate as desired.

3. How do you choose the artists whose work you sell?

Artists are chosen for the effect their work has on the space. We try and fill the space with intriguing, unique, and special pieces that really showcase the talents and specific attributes the artist is sets out to achieve - while being perfect compliments to the right space in someone's home or office.

4. What advice do you have for someone looking to purchase a piece of art?

Develop a connection to the artwork and let it be personal. The happiest purchasers are those who really appreciate the details of their acquisition. It serves as a constant point of intrigue to their guests, as well as themselves. Artwork is meant to give flashes of style to the backdrop it adorns, but within itself is an entire ecosystem of thoughts and feelings the artist once had that, in turn, people truly bond with. Often times, this is recognized right away with an impulse, others are developed upon observation. 

5. You also offer events in your space. What's your next one?

MADS is always trying find a way to engage with the community. We will be having a Tango Art Night on September 30 at 8 p.m. where the phenomenal dance instructors of Bourbon Tango will be dipping their toes (literally) into paint and putting on a Tango Performance atop a canvas. Once the performance is completed, the gallery's floor will become an open dance floor for a Salsa y Tango Mixlonga. However, we are always adding to the calendar so be sure to check Facebook and the website for any live music pop-ups.

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