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LMPD officer will not be charged in domestic incident

Aaron Jaggers (Source: LMPD) Aaron Jaggers (Source: LMPD)

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - No charges will be filed against a Louisville Metro Police Department officer arrested over the weekend for domestic battery in Southern Indiana.

Aaron Jaggers was arrested September 10 by Clark County Police. Around 4:30 a.m., officers were called to a home in the 12000 block of Santa Maria Drive in Sellersburg about a physical domestic violence incident. Jaggers was taken into custody after the officer saw injuries to the face of the victim, Kayla Myers.

LMPD officer arrested in Clark County

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull told WAVE 3 News that a review of the investigation shows both sides gave differing accounts regarding the incident. According to Mull, it would be impossible for a jury to determine whether Jaggers or Myers was telling the truth.

"Based upon that, I came to the conclusion that it was going to be virtually impossible to have a jury hear both of these stories and decide beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Jaggers had committed a crime," Mull said. "Under those circumstances, I found it appropriate to decline the filing of the criminal charges in this case."

Documents said Myers accused Jaggers of texting a female co-worker while the two were a bar in Louisville.  The argument continued when they got home to Sellersburg. Myers said she reached for Jaggers phone, he pushed her head into a column and then she slapped him.

Jaggers gave a different version.  Jaggers said Myers slapped him and he pushed Myers to get her off him, then she hit her head on the wall.

"She said I began this process by grabbing, grabbing, putting my hands in his pocket trying to take something from him," Jaggers attorney, Larry Wilder, said. "Take that one fact to be true, that one fact to be true means that he automatically had the right to keep her from touching him."

Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said based on the evidence in front of him, he has to have a certainty that someone is guilty of a crime and he has to believe that there is a substantial likelihood that a jury is going to convict that person if he were to take it to trial.

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Mull said, in this case, those elements weren't there.

"Something happened there where she was pushed sustained a bump on her head, it's undisputed she smacked him in the face, it's undisputed that she reached to take a phone that he had in his possession," Mull said. "Under all of those circumstances, it simply wasn't going to be possible to prove he committed a crime. "

In a statement to WAVE 3 News, Myers said she and Jaggers had been drinking that night. She explained that she was informed of the decision Wednesday by Mull and called it unfair. She stated that she was "upset and disappointed." Myers added that she felt Jaggers was getting special treatment because he's a police officer but, Clark county prosecutor Jeremy Mull said that is not the case at all. Mull said he's charged multiple other police officers in Clark county with criminal charges.

LMPD said Jaggers remains on paid administrative leave and the incident is being investigated by the department.

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