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Corso, Davis say Jackson even better, but Clemson defense impressive

Coach Lee Corso said he continues to be wowed by the Cards. (Source: Connie Leonard/ WAVE 3 News) Coach Lee Corso said he continues to be wowed by the Cards. (Source: Connie Leonard/ WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A big weekend is in store as the University of Louisville hosts Clemson and the fans of the reigning National Champs. Mayor Greg Fischer and the Louisville Ladybirds hosted fans of both teams Friday night at 4th Street Live! with an emphasis on cheering the Cards to victory. 

Meanwhile, at the GameDay set at Grawemeyer Hall, Coach Lee Corso said he continues to be wowed by the Cards, not only by Lamar Jackson and company but, also how far the program has come.

"When I came here for my interview for the head coaching job at Louisville," Corso said," I was interviewed up there."

Recalling memories of Grawemeyer Hall, Corso held court behind his current College GameDay set.

"There's no question it's Lamar Jackson versus Clemson," Corso said.

The ESPN host and beloved former Cardinal Coach promoted his network's hype for the game: Reigning Heisman Champ versus reigning National Champs and Lamar Jackson Verses the Clemson Defense. But, Corso says he sincerely believes the Bobby-Petrino-coached Jackson is better than ever this season, maybe better than Michael Vick, and right there with his all-time favorite Roger Staubach.

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"He can run, he's like a jack rabbit out there and he's gone!" Corso said.

Corso's College GameDay teammate Rece Davis agrees, saying he sees Jackson's growth especially in the pocket.

"When you win the Heisman the first time, to come back and defend it, which nobody's done since Archie [Griffin] the bar is going to be set ridiculously high," Davis said. "But the good thing about a dude like him, is that he can jump over really high bars."

The growth Corso is most impressed with was that of the Louisville program he used to be a part of.

"It's amazing, what Tom Jurich has done to this school," Corso said. "Look at the facilities, and I noticed [Papa John's Cardinal Stadium] is adding 10,000 seats in the end." He continued, "What this school has done more than any other school I can think of, it's come up farther than any other school in America."

Both hosts touted last year's Cardinal GameDay crowd. 

"It was a great day for us," Davis said. "A great show, and one of my favorite parts was running off the set and hoping on the golf cart and riding into the stadium. That was kind of fun."

Even though Corso picked the Cards in 2016 over the team he played for, neither analyst expected the 63-20 thumping of Florida State.

Both agree Clemson's defense will be a major challenge this time, saying Jackson and the Cards will have to be creative to beat it. Fans and students planning to attend GameDay are advised to get some rest, the line starts forming at 4:00 am Saturday. 

600 parking spots are available until 2pm at the lot at 2545 South Third Street.  The game, which is a blackout for Cards fans, kicks off at 8:12 Saturday night.

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